jueves, 12 de enero de 2012


Absorted in another world that grow up throw my finers. This is the sight I have every time I smoke your breath. You may think there's no reason why I'm writing that, well, I don't know it either, so, we can just write and read it thinking there's no history behind this verses. Just following our ways with Hendrix playing in fron of me, you know there's no reason to let him free, he has wake up from his eternal sleep, and we have brough him back, it's just not fair, SO I think he deserve to be alone in my bedroom, just to smell grass and incense and that stuff.
Oh man, have you read the bullshit I've wrote? God...

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You should read too...

All i need. Just a little of every thing that i love. Not everything. It i have to add everything, any Starbucks will be so big and soulfull.